What do I need to buy for my birthday party

Here is everything you need to buy for your birthday party.


Is there any age limit to have some amazing birthday celebrations? Certainly not! And the most wonderful, attractive, eye-catchy and breathtakingly beautiful decorations are what makes any birthday party a huge hit right from the first sight. If this is your birthday party, then you need to make sure that you buy pretty and fun party decorations, that not only look good but also feel great. As the excitement of a birthday party begins, your friends and loved ones will start anticipating something really special. So, make the day more entertaining by setting the place like a blast of colours and noise. There are a huge amount of stores selling party supplies; Lombard is one of the most popular in Australia. Here, is a list of the most compulsory decorations to make a birthday party breezy and attractive. Make sure; you check tick on all of these before the actual day.

Birthday Confetti
The confetti may seem small have a package full of joy, fun, and merriment. Just throw these and have fun. You can do a lot more with the confetti. You can write your name, or any celebratory word like hurray! Yay! Your age or whatever with these on the back, at your wall. Else you can make little decorations with the confetti. Birthday confetti is available in so many shapes such as butterfly shape, star shape, round, flower shape, balloon shape, spiral shape and a lot much more. There is an endless limit to its shapes and colours. You can choose the colour of confetti according to your party theme.

Balloons of Different colours sizes and shapes
Not some balloons, but a lot of balloons are needed to give an extra kick to your birthday party decoration. Birthday is a really fun day, so let’s make your decoration fun and cool too. Whole birthday party scene is incomplete without the spread of a huge number of vibrantly coloured birthday balloons. And if you have some stuck on your roof, that’s even better. So, first pick up the birthday balloons while planning a birthday party. This is surely not to be missed.

Colourful Balloons With Happy Birthday Print

Birthday Party Hats
A birthday party doesn’t seem like a birthday celebration unless everyone is wearing dazzlingly glistening birthday party hats made out in unique shapes. These shapes can be conical (most common), a birthday cake on a hat, a princess’s tiara, a crown, or a magical long black hat. Other than that, you can have all of them and let the guests choose as per their wish. And choose something a little extra special for yourself! Sure you can, it’s your birthday!!

Party Banners
A uniquely descriptive and beautifully outlined Birthday party banner is a must for your party. There is a huge assortment of party banners is available in stores and online. You can have one according to your desires and personal preferences. These banners are also made by different themes such as book themes including Little Golden Books, Dr Seuss, cartoon or films theme including The Little Mermaid, Teenage Mutant Ninja, The Jungle Book, and many others. If you are a big fan of video games, then you can get a party banner based on the theme of Super Mario Bros., The Legends of Zelda, Lalaloopsy, or any other according to your personal choice. Simply stating, the sky is the limit, and you are the boss. So, choose whatever you wish for.

Birthday Party Blowers/ screamers
Party blowers or party horns give a naughty, loud and fun feel to any birthday party. While arranging a birthday party, do get some of these fun fillers. Your friends will surely love these and the naughty little noises of these coloured noise machines will put a laugh on everyone’s face.

Birthday Party Streamers
Made with crepe paper, the swirling party streamers of vibrant colours, hanging down give a peculiar aura of a birthday party; and give a particular celebratory vibe to the whole party scene. Especially in birthday parties, these party streamers are must in the decoration. These are extremely affordable; you can buy an approximately 80ft long strip of streamer for less than a dollar. So, it’s an excellent thing to purchase while arranging a birthday party.

A Beautiful and Attractive Yard Sign
This will attract your guests and will give a great feel of the birthday party, way before stepping inside the main area. It surely is a must have.


Food must be very tempting, delicious and in huge quantity. Great food is surely a hit and extremely necessary part of any party. There are various of dishes that you can arrange for any birthday party, but cake, big meal food, and beverages are three basic things. Here is a list of food that you can have at your birthday party. You can choose any peculiar dishes as per your preferences or add in anything else.

A birthday party is not a “Birthday” party without a cake. You can order customized/personalized cakes, made on various themes. Or else made one for yourself to feel special.

Cupcakes look deliciously attractive on the table. Kids of all ages including adults enjoy cupcakes a lot. In a way, cupcakes alongside cake are the best duo.

Colourful Cupcakes

Ice Cream
Ice cream is an optional item, but it sure gives a sweet taste to your party.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies
No one will mind a peanut butter cookie at a birthday party. These delectable sweet items will complete your sweet platter perfectly, and every guest will love them.

The list of snacks is endless. You can add a few items on the menu. But do include chips, as chips are favourite of everyone. Else you can try

  • Cheesy Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Popcorns, etc.
  • Full Meal Foods such as
  • Pizza Puffs
  • Hotdogs
  • Turkey meatballs
  • Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Deli Sushi Rolls
  • Veggie Dips
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Small Grilled Cheese

The above-stated list was just to give you an idea. You can select whatever you like.

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