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Lots of positive and negative men are in relationships together - over half of positive men are in relationships with negative guys. They argue, they make up, they differ and they compromise but their status isn’t usually the issue – unlike the toothpaste or the snoring!


Are you afraid to have sex with guys who are living with HIV? Trying to work out if someone has HIV will not protect you from the virus. Acting safely or using condoms will. HIV can seem scary but we already know how to be safe, have fun and look after ourselves. Trust what you know and let your love life take off.


You can’t tell by looking – men of all types still get HIV. Most guys living with HIV are very healthy. There’s no need to worry, lots of positive and negative men have great sex together without passing on any viruses – they simply use condoms or act safely.


For many living with HIV, rejection whether it’s a first time hook-up or potential long-term partner, can lead to major anxiety. It’s important to remember that “there are more great catches for you”.


It’s up to you who you have sex with, but why push the point on HIV status? There are some ways of saying no to sex that are unnecessarily hurtful. Talking about the kind of sex you’re into rather than what you’re not, is easy.